fix8  version 1.4.0
Open Source C++ FIX Framework
f8c.hpp File Reference

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struct  FIX8::Ctxt
 f8c compilation context. More...
class  FIX8::RealmObject
 f8c range or set domain realm. More...
struct  FIX8::RealmObject::less
class  FIX8::TypedRealm< T >
 f8c typed realm. More...
struct  FIX8::StringRealm
 f8c string realm type. More...
struct  FIX8::CharRealm
 f8c character realm type. More...
struct  FIX8::FieldSpec
 f8c internal field representation. More...
struct  FIX8::MessageSpec
 f8c internal message representation. More...
class  FIX8::push_dir




using FIX8::RealmMap = std::map< RealmObject *, std::string, RealmObject::less >
using FIX8::FieldSpecMap = std::map< unsigned, struct FieldSpec >
using FIX8::FieldToNumMap = std::map< std::string, unsigned >
using FIX8::GroupMap = std::map< unsigned, struct MessageSpec >
using FIX8::BaseTypeMap = std::map< std::string, FieldTrait::FieldType >
using FIX8::TypeToCPP = std::map< FieldTrait::FieldType, std::pair< std::string, std::string >>
using FIX8::MessageSpecMap = std::map< const std::string, MessageSpec >
using FIX8::FieldTraitOrder = std::multiset< const FieldTrait *, FieldTrait::PosCompare >
using FIX8::CommonGroups = std::map< uint32_t, struct MessageSpec >
using FIX8::CommonGroupMap = std::map< unsigned, CommonGroups >
using FIX8::Components = std::map< std::string, const XmlElement * >
using FIX8::CSMap = std::map< comp_str, std::string >


enum  FIX8::comp_str {
  FIX8::cs_do_not_edit, FIX8::cs_start_namespace, FIX8::cs_end_namespace, FIX8::cs_start_anon_namespace,
  FIX8::cs_end_anon_namespace, FIX8::cs_divider, FIX8::cs_copyright, FIX8::cs_copyright2,
  FIX8::cs_generated_includes, FIX8::cs_header_preamble, FIX8::cs_trailer_preamble


int FIX8::recover_line (const XmlElement &xf)