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FIX8::TEX::TradeCaptureReportRequest::NoDates Class Reference

NoDates (580), application, 3 fields, 0 groups, is unique, hash: 0x5f6aa9a4. More...

#include <Myfix_classes.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for FIX8::TEX::TradeCaptureReportRequest::NoDates:

Public Types

enum  { _fnum = 580 }

Public Member Functions

 NoDates ()
 ~NoDates ()=default
MessageBasecreate_group (bool) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from FIX8::GroupBase
 GroupBase (const unsigned short fnum)
virtual ~GroupBase ()
 dtor More...
virtual GroupBasecreate_nested_group (unsigned short fnum) const
void add (MessageBase *what)
void operator+= (MessageBase *what)
GroupBaseoperator<< (MessageBase *what)
size_t size () const
MessageBaseoperator[] (const unsigned idx) const
MessageBaseget_element (const unsigned idx) const
void clear (bool reuse=true)

Static Public Member Functions

static const MsgTypeget_msgtype ()

Static Private Attributes

static F8_TEX_API const FieldTrait _traits []
static F8_TEX_API const FieldTrait_Hash_Array _ftha
static F8_TEX_API const MsgType _msgtype
static const unsigned _fieldcnt = 3

Detailed Description

NoDates (580), application, 3 fields, 0 groups, is unique, hash: 0x5f6aa9a4.

Definition at line 4365 of file Myfix_classes.hpp.

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Definition at line 4373 of file Myfix_classes.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FIX8::TEX::TradeCaptureReportRequest::NoDates::NoDates ( )

Definition at line 4375 of file Myfix_classes.hpp.

FIX8::TEX::TradeCaptureReportRequest::NoDates::~NoDates ( )

Member Function Documentation

MessageBase* FIX8::TEX::TradeCaptureReportRequest::NoDates::create_group ( bool  deepctor) const

Create a new group element.

deepctorif true, construct nested groups
new message

Implements FIX8::GroupBase.

Definition at line 4377 of file Myfix_classes.hpp.

References _msgtype, FIX8::TEX::ctx(), and FIX8::GroupBase::MessageBase.

4377 { return new MessageBase(ctx(), _msgtype(), _traits, _fieldcnt, &_ftha); }
static F8_TEX_API const MsgType _msgtype
friend class MessageBase
Definition: message.hpp:121
const F8MetaCntx & ctx()
Compiler generated metadata object, accessed through this function.
static F8_TEX_API const FieldTrait _traits[]
static F8_TEX_API const FieldTrait_Hash_Array _ftha
static const MsgType& FIX8::TEX::TradeCaptureReportRequest::NoDates::get_msgtype ( )

Definition at line 4379 of file Myfix_classes.hpp.

References _msgtype.

4379 { return _msgtype; }
static F8_TEX_API const MsgType _msgtype

Member Data Documentation

const unsigned FIX8::TEX::TradeCaptureReportRequest::NoDates::_fieldcnt = 3

Definition at line 4370 of file Myfix_classes.hpp.

const FieldTrait_Hash_Array FIX8::TEX::TradeCaptureReportRequest::NoDates::_ftha

Definition at line 4368 of file Myfix_classes.hpp.

const MsgType FIX8::TEX::TradeCaptureReportRequest::NoDates::_msgtype

Definition at line 4369 of file Myfix_classes.hpp.

Referenced by create_group(), and get_msgtype().

const FieldTrait FIX8::TEX::TradeCaptureReportRequest::NoDates::_traits
Initial value:
{ 60,22, 2, 0,0x04}, { 75,25, 1, 0,0x04}, { 779,22, 3, 0,0x04}

Definition at line 4367 of file Myfix_classes.hpp.

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