fix8  version 1.4.0
Open Source C++ FIX Framework
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CFIX8::AsyncSocket< f8String >
 CFIX8::AsyncSocket< Message * >
 CFIX8::ebitset< Flags >
 CFIX8::ebitset< Level >
 CFIX8::ebitset< TraitTypes, unsigned short >
 CFIX8::ebitset_r< SessionControl >
 CFIX8::_f8_threadcorePthread wrapper abstract base
 CFIX8::_pair< Key, Val >Pair abstraction for use with GeneratedTable
 CFIX8::_pair< const char *, Val >Partial specialisation of Pair abstraction for use with GeneratedTable
 CFIX8::AsyncSocket< T >Half duplex async socket wrapper with thread
 CFIX8::BaseFieldThe base field class (ABC) for all fields
 CFIX8::BaseMsgEntryMessage instantiation table entry
 CFIX8::ConfigurationClass to encapsulate a Fix8 configuration
 CFIX8::ConnectionComplete Fix connection (reader and writer)
 CFIX8::ConsoleMenuConsole test harness menu
 CFIX8::CtxtF8c compilation context
 CFIX8::ebitset< T, B >Bitset for enums
 CFIX8::ebitset_r< T, B >Atomic bitset for enums
 CFIX8::EnumType< field >Int2Type idiom. Kudos to Andrei Alexandrescu
 CFIX8::f8_mutexGeneric pthread_mutex wrapper
 CFIX8::f8_scoped_lock_impl< T >
 CFIX8::f8_spin_lockGeneric spin_lock wrapper
 CFIX8::f8_thread< T >::_helper
 CFIX8::f8_thread_cancellation_tokenThread cancellation token
 CFIX8::F8MetaCntxStatic metadata context class - one per FIX xml schema
 CFIX8::ff_unbounded_queue< T >
 CFIX8::ff_unbounded_queue< T * >
 CFIX8::FieldSpecF8c internal field representation
 CFIX8::FieldTraitUsed for static trait interrogation
 CFIX8::FieldTrait::CompareBinary comparitor functor
 CFIX8::FieldTrait::PosCompareBinary position comparitor functor
 CFIX8::FieldTrait_Hash_ArrayFast index lookup for FieldTrait
 CFIX8::FieldTraitsA collection of FieldTraits for a message. Which fields are required, which are present
 CFIX8::filestdinAbstract file or stdin input
 CFIX8::GeneratedTable< Key, Val >Fast map for statically generated data types. Assumes table is sorted. Complexity is O(logN)
 CFIX8::GroupBaseAbstract base class for all repeating groups