fix8  version 1.4.0
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FIX8::Inst Class Reference

Field metadata structures. More...

#include <field.hpp>


struct  _gen

Public Member Functions

template<typename T , typename... args>
 Inst (Type2Type< T, args...>)

Public Attributes

BaseField *(&) _do (const char *from, const RealmBase *db, const int)

Detailed Description

Field metadata structures.

Definition at line 2040 of file field.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename T , typename... args>
FIX8::Inst::Inst ( Type2Type< T, args...>  )

Definition at line 2072 of file field.hpp.

2072 : _do(_gen::_make<T, args...>) {}
BaseField *(&) _do(const char *from, const RealmBase *db, const int)
Definition: field.hpp:2069

Member Data Documentation

BaseField*(&) FIX8::Inst::_do(const char *from, const RealmBase *db, const int)

Definition at line 2069 of file field.hpp.

Referenced by FIX8::F8MetaCntx::create_field().

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