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FIX8::ServerConnection Class Reference

Server (acceptor) specialisation of Connection. More...

#include <connection.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 ServerConnection (Poco::Net::StreamSocket *sock, Poco::Net::SocketAddress &addr, Session &session, unsigned hb_interval, ProcessModel pmodel=pm_pipeline, bool no_delay=true, bool reuse_addr=false, int linger=-1, bool keepalive=false, bool secured=false)
virtual ~ServerConnection ()
 Dtor. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from FIX8::Connection
 Connection (Poco::Net::StreamSocket *sock, Poco::Net::SocketAddress &addr, Session &session, Role role, const ProcessModel pmodel, unsigned hb_interval, bool secured)
virtual ~Connection ()
 Dtor. More...
Role get_role () const
ProcessModel get_pmodel () const
bool is_secure () const
F8API void start ()
 Start the reader and writer threads. More...
F8API void stop ()
 Stop the reader and writer threads. More...
virtual bool connect ()
bool is_connected () const
virtual bool write (Message *from, bool destroy=true)
virtual bool write (Message &from)
size_t write_batch (const std::vector< Message * > &msgs, bool destroy)
int send (const char *from, size_t sz)
int send (const f8String &from)
void set_hb_interval (const unsigned hb_interval)
unsigned get_hb_interval () const
unsigned get_hb_interval20pc () const
Poco::Net::SocketAddress get_peer_socket_address () const
const Poco::Net::SocketAddress & get_socket_address () const
int join ()
bool is_socket_error () const
void set_recv_buf_sz (const unsigned sz) const
void set_send_buf_sz (const unsigned sz) const
void set_tcp_cork_flag (bool way) const
Sessionget_session ()
int reader_execute ()
bool reader_poll (const Poco::Timespan &ts=Poco::Timespan()) const
int writer_execute ()
bool writer_poll (const Poco::Timespan &ts=Poco::Timespan()) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from FIX8::Connection
enum  Role { cn_acceptor, cn_initiator, cn_unknown }
 Roles: acceptor, initiator or unknown. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from FIX8::Connection
static void set_recv_buf_sz (const unsigned sz, Poco::Net::Socket *sock)
static void set_send_buf_sz (const unsigned sz, Poco::Net::Socket *sock)
- Protected Attributes inherited from FIX8::Connection
Poco::Net::StreamSocket * _sock
Poco::Net::SocketAddress _addr
f8_atomic< bool > _connected
Role _role
ProcessModel _pmodel
unsigned _hb_interval
unsigned _hb_interval20pc
FIXReader _reader
FIXWriter _writer
bool _secured

Detailed Description

Server (acceptor) specialisation of Connection.

Definition at line 722 of file connection.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FIX8::ServerConnection::ServerConnection ( Poco::Net::StreamSocket *  sock,
Poco::Net::SocketAddress &  addr,
Session session,
unsigned  hb_interval,
ProcessModel  pmodel = pm_pipeline,
bool  no_delay = true,
bool  reuse_addr = false,
int  linger = -1,
bool  keepalive = false,
bool  secured = false 

Ctor. Acceptor.

sockconnected socket
addrsock address structure
hb_intervalheartbeat interval
pmodelprocess model
no_delayset or clear the tcp no delay flag on the socket
reuse_addrset or clear the resueaddr flag on the socket
lingerset the tcp linger value (secs) on the socket, -1=disable
keepaliveset or clear the tcp keepalive flag on the socket
securedtrue for ssl connection

Definition at line 737 of file connection.hpp.

739  :
740  Connection(sock, addr, session, cn_acceptor, pmodel, hb_interval, secured)
741  {
742  _sock->setLinger(linger >= 0, linger);
743  _sock->setNoDelay(no_delay);
744  _sock->setReuseAddress(reuse_addr);
745  _sock->setKeepAlive(keepalive);
746  }
Poco::Net::StreamSocket * _sock
Definition: connection.hpp:515
Connection(Poco::Net::StreamSocket *sock, Poco::Net::SocketAddress &addr, Session &session, Role role, const ProcessModel pmodel, unsigned hb_interval, bool secured)
Definition: connection.hpp:537
virtual FIX8::ServerConnection::~ServerConnection ( )


Definition at line 749 of file connection.hpp.

749 {}

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