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myfix_session_client Class Reference

Example client session. Derives from FIX8::Session. More...

#include <myfix.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 myfix_session_client (const FIX8::F8MetaCntx &ctx, const FIX8::SessionID &sid, FIX8::Persister *persist=nullptr, FIX8::Logger *logger=nullptr, FIX8::Logger *plogger=nullptr)
bool handle_application (const unsigned seqnum, const FIX8::Message *&msg)
void state_change (const FIX8::States::SessionStates before, const FIX8::States::SessionStates after)
- Public Member Functions inherited from FIX8::Session
F8API Session (const F8MetaCntx &ctx, const SessionID &sid, Persister *persist=nullptr, Logger *logger=nullptr, Logger *plogger=nullptr)
F8API Session (const F8MetaCntx &ctx, const sender_comp_id &sci=sender_comp_id(), Persister *persist=nullptr, Logger *logger=nullptr, Logger *plogger=nullptr)
virtual F8API ~Session ()
 Dtor. More...
F8API int start (Connection *connection, bool wait=true, const unsigned send_seqnum=0, const unsigned recv_seqnum=0, const f8String davi=f8String())
void clear_connection (const Connection *connection)
virtual F8API bool process (const f8String &from)
virtual F8API bool retrans_callback (const SequencePair &with, RetransmissionContext &rctx)
virtual F8API bool send (Message *msg, bool destroy=true, const unsigned custom_seqnum=0, const bool no_increment=false)
virtual F8API bool send (Message &msg, const unsigned custom_seqnum=0, const bool no_increment=false)
virtual F8API size_t send_batch (const std::vector< Message * > &msgs, bool destroy=true)
F8API bool send_process (Message *msg)
virtual F8API int modify_header (MessageBase *msg)
F8API void update_persist_seqnums ()
 Force persister to sync next send/receive seqnums. More...
F8API void stop ()
 stop the session. More...
Connectionget_connection ()
Timer< Session > & get_timer ()
const F8MetaCntxget_ctx () const
bool is_loggable (Logger::Level level) const
bool enqueue (const std::string &what, Logger::Level lev, const char *fl=nullptr, unsigned value=0) const
bool log (const std::string &what, Logger::Level lev, const char *fl=nullptr, unsigned value=0) const
bool plog (const std::string &what, Logger::Level lev, const unsigned direction=0) const
const Tickvalget_last_received () const
const Tickvalget_last_sent () const
void update_sent ()
 Update the last sent time. More...
void update_received ()
 Update the last received time. More...
F8API void compid_check (const unsigned seqnum, const Message *msg, const SessionID &id) const
F8API bool sequence_check (const unsigned seqnum, const Message *msg)
virtual bool activation_check (const unsigned seqnum, const Message *msg)
F8API bool enforce (const unsigned seqnum, const Message *msg)
const SessionIDget_sid () const
unsigned get_next_send_seq () const
void set_login_parameters (const LoginParameters &loginParamaters)
void get_login_parameters (LoginParameters &loginParamaters) const
const LoginParametersget_login_parameters () const
void set_reset_sequence_numbers_flag (bool flag)
void set_persister (Persister *pst)
Controlcontrol ()
bool is_shutdown ()
void set_session_config (struct SessionConfig *sf)
virtual F8API Messagegenerate_logout (const char *msgstr=nullptr)
virtual F8API Messagegenerate_heartbeat (const f8String &testReqID)
virtual F8API Messagegenerate_resend_request (const unsigned begin, const unsigned end=0)
virtual F8API Messagegenerate_sequence_reset (const unsigned newseqnum, const bool gapfillflag=false)
virtual F8API Messagegenerate_test_request (const f8String &testReqID)
virtual F8API Messagegenerate_reject (const unsigned seqnum, const char *what, const char *msgtype=nullptr)
virtual F8API Messagegenerate_business_reject (const unsigned seqnum, const Message *msg, const int reason, const char *what)
void do_state_change (const States::SessionStates new_state)
States::SessionStates get_session_state () const

Private Attributes

tex_router_client _router

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from FIX8::Session
enum  SessionControl {
  shutdown, print, printnohb, debug,
using Control = ebitset_r< SessionControl >
using SequencePair = std::pair< const unsigned, const f8String >
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from FIX8::Session
static const Messagedetach (const Message *&msg)
static const f8Stringget_session_state_string (const States::SessionStates state)
static F8API const f8String copyright_string ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from FIX8::Session
F8API bool heartbeat_service ()
 Heartbeat generation service thread method. More...
F8API bool activation_service ()
 Session start/stop service thread method. More...
virtual F8API bool handle_logon (const unsigned seqnum, const Message *msg)
virtual F8API Messagegenerate_logon (const unsigned heartbeat_interval, const f8String davi=f8String())
virtual F8API bool handle_logout (const unsigned seqnum, const Message *msg)
virtual F8API bool handle_heartbeat (const unsigned seqnum, const Message *msg)
virtual F8API bool handle_resend_request (const unsigned seqnum, const Message *msg)
virtual F8API bool handle_sequence_reset (const unsigned seqnum, const Message *msg)
virtual F8API bool handle_test_request (const unsigned seqnum, const Message *msg)
virtual bool handle_reject (const unsigned seqnum, const Message *msg)
virtual bool handle_admin (const unsigned seqnum, const Message *msg)
virtual F8API bool handle_outbound_reject (const unsigned seqnum, const Message *msg, const char *errstr)
virtual void modify_outbound (Message *msg)
virtual bool authenticate (SessionID &id, const Message *msg)
virtual F8API void recover_seqnums ()
 Recover next expected and next to send sequence numbers from persitence layer. More...
Messagecreate_msg (const f8String &msg_type) const
void set_scheduler (int priority)
void set_affinity (int core_id)
- Protected Attributes inherited from FIX8::Session
Control _control
f8_atomic< unsigned > _next_send_seq
f8_atomic< unsigned > _next_receive_seq
f8_atomic< States::SessionStates_state
f8_atomic< bool > _active
Tickval _last_sent
Tickval _last_received
const F8MetaCntx_ctx
sender_comp_id _sci
unsigned _req_next_send_seq
unsigned _req_next_receive_seq
SessionID _sid
struct SessionConfig_sf
LoginParameters _loginParameters
f8_spin_lock _per_spl
Timer< Session_timer
TimerEvent< Session_hb_processor
TimerEvent< Session_session_scheduler
std::string _batchmsgs_buffer
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from FIX8::Session
static F8API const std::vector< f8String_state_names
 string representation of Sessionstates More...

Detailed Description

Example client session. Derives from FIX8::Session.

Your application must define a class similar to this in order to create and connect a client. You must also implement handle_application in order to receive application messages from the framework.

Definition at line 64 of file myfix.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

myfix_session_client::myfix_session_client ( const FIX8::F8MetaCntx ctx,
const FIX8::SessionID sid,
FIX8::Persister persist = nullptr,
FIX8::Logger logger = nullptr,
FIX8::Logger plogger = nullptr 

Ctor. Initiator.

ctxreference to generated metadata
sidsessionid of connecting session
persistpersister for this session
loggerlogger for this session
ploggerprotocol logger for this session

Definition at line 75 of file myfix.hpp.

76  : Session(ctx, sid, persist, logger, plogger), _router(*this) {}
tex_router_client _router
Definition: myfix.hpp:66
F8API Session(const F8MetaCntx &ctx, const SessionID &sid, Persister *persist=nullptr, Logger *logger=nullptr, Logger *plogger=nullptr)
Definition: session.cpp:105

Member Function Documentation

bool myfix_session_client::handle_application ( const unsigned  seqnum,
const FIX8::Message *&  msg 

Application message callback. This method is called by the framework when an application message has been received and decoded. You should implement this method and call the supplied Message::process.

seqnumFix sequence number of the message
msgMesage decoded (base ptr)
true on success

Implements FIX8::Session.

Definition at line 321 of file harness.cpp.

References FIX8::Message::process().

322 {
323  return enforce(seqnum, msg) || msg->process(_router);
324 }
tex_router_client _router
Definition: myfix.hpp:66
virtual bool process(Router &rt) const
Definition: message.hpp:1147
F8API bool enforce(const unsigned seqnum, const Message *msg)
Definition: session.cpp:252
void myfix_session_client::state_change ( const FIX8::States::SessionStates  before,
const FIX8::States::SessionStates  after 

This method id called whenever a session state change occurs

beforeprevious session state
afternew session state

Reimplemented from FIX8::Session.

Definition at line 327 of file harness.cpp.

328 {
329  cout << get_session_state_string(before) << " => " << get_session_state_string(after) << endl;
330 }
static const f8String & get_session_state_string(const States::SessionStates state)
Definition: session.hpp:853

Member Data Documentation

tex_router_client myfix_session_client::_router

Definition at line 66 of file myfix.hpp.

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